In the real world - everything from learning songs for your own enjoyment, jamming with other musicians, writing songs - people use theory to accomplish actual goals and make music EASIER.

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If you want to...

  • Understand how music works in a hands-on way

  • Set the foundation for developing your ear

  • Gain the skills to start songwriting

  • Play scales (and know what they're for)

  • Build & name chords

 Music Theory 101 will teach you all of this, without getting too technical.

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So many people think learning music theory is a daunting task…

But it’s actually... pretty simple...

Only 6 months after first picking up a guitar, as a young adult, I went to a piano teacher and asked if she could teach me theory.

She warned me how difficult it would be. That it might discourage me and make music less fun.

So I went home and looked it up myself.

And it seemed so simple. I was confused as to why she would say it was complicated.

I went back to the piano teacher and signed up for "theory lessons" and went through all the books, starting with the most basic stuff. I completed all the theory books in record time and it all seemed pretty logical to me...

Why did everyone act like it was so hard?

I think it's because music schools try to teach theoretical concepts to children at a young age - and it IS hard at that age. And because of that, music theory gets a bad reputation. I was able to learn it with my adult brain, and I found it was much simpler than I was told it was going to be.

This was confirmed when I started playing gigs...

In the real world - everything from learning songs for your own enjoyment, jamming with other musicians, writing songs - people use theory to accomplish actual goals and make music EASIER.

That's what I want to show you in this course. I've seen it from both sides, having both a music degree, but also being self-taught.

And I want to show you the useful stuff that is going to make guitar easier.

Module 1

  • Learn the musical alphabet
  • Learn about sharp and flat notes
  • The major scale
  • A trick for figuring out ANY scale
  • What is a key? (Finding it by ear)
  • Applying the major scale to guitar
  • All the chords within a key
  • Song Analysis

Module 2

  • Learn to play chords in any key
  • Learn about intervals
  • The difference between major and minor chords
  • Major vs minor Keys
  • Understanding chord names
  • 7th chords
  • Using theory for songwriting

Module 3

  • Learn about the musical staff
  • Rhythm notation
  • The "rhythm pyramid"
  • Ledger lines and dotted notes
  • Ties and rhythm notation practice
  • Learn about scales and key signatures on the staff
  • Learn to write chords on the musical staff

Module 4

  • Learn the circle of 5ths
  • A handy shortcut for finding "relative minors"
  • Intervals on the staff
  • Inversions
  • Revisiting 7th chords
  • 7th chords (alternate explanation)

Here's what you'll get...

  • 28 rich & detailed lessons with visualizations and animations to help you SEE how simple it can be
  • Comprehensive workbook with worksheets, diagrams and more
  • Direct access to James through the "GoodGuitarist Community" Private Group
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You’re not in it alone - the GoodGuitarist community has your back!


In order to provide you with the personalized feedback that you need to succeed, all my courses include access to the GoodGuitarist private community. You can ask questions there, and I’ll answer them myself. Plus you’ll be able to take part in the discussion with other students and support each other as you grow into confident guitarists.

It’s not only a great way to get feedback and prevent bad habits from forming, but it’s proven to be an incredible source of motivation and inspiration. We’re all in this together, and together we will succeed!

All you need to do is join now, and you will have my full support and we will all be there to make sure you become a good guitarist.


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To help you make this decision, all my courses come with a 30-day no-questions money back guarantee.

I see other people offering 14-day guarantees, or 30-days but with the fine print that you need to actually get through a huge chunk of the course, and then have a conversation with them about why it’s not working.

I know my course works, so I’m going to give you 30 days. You're going to be able to see real results.

And if you feel you didn't get your money's worth, it can be day 1, or day 30… you're welcome to simply email me and say “I want a refund.” You don't have to tell me why, and you're gonna get all your money back.

The reason why I offer this… I'm gonna be completely honest. I have an over 99% satisfaction rate. In fact, oftentimes, when people do return my course, it's not because they don't like it. It's because they want intermediate or advanced content - and they end up trading up for my intermediate and advanced courses.

So if you want to learn guitar with me, there's really no risk involved. It's all on me.

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