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  • Using The Courses - Desktop Computer
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  • Using The GoodGuitarist Community

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Helpful Links


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Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All Bonuses

GoodGuitarist Community


Help Videos

Frequently Asked Questions


New Account - Signing In



Existing Account - Trouble Signing In



Using The Courses - Desktop Computer



Using The Courses - Mobile Device



Accessing The GoodGuitarist Community



Using The GoodGuitarist Community



Frequently Asked Questions


I am having a problem with a chord/strumming pattern/etc.

Some things might require advice tailored specifically to you, which I'm happy to provide personally. Visit the GoodGuitarist Community and let me know what's going on! The video tutorials (above) will show you how.


I can't find the workbook

Workbooks can be found near the very start of each course (*except for the Free Crash Course workbook). Please watch the tutorial video (above this FAQ section) for a walkthrough on Desktop or Mobile. You can also use the links at the top of this page.

*To get the Free Crash Course workbook, you need to select "Yes" when you sign up for the course. If you didn't please send me an email james at goodguitarist dot com and I'll guide you in the right direction*


I can't find the bonus material

Bonus material can be found after the last chapter of each course OR dispersed throughout the course. Please watch the tutorial video (above this FAQ section) for a walkthrough. I have included links for the bonus material for Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All near the top of this page.


Can I redo the lessons?

Yes. Using the tutorial videos above, you'll learn to easily navigate the course and go through lessons as many times you'd like, in whatever order!


I can't log in to the course

In the top menu you'll find a link to Log In. I also recommend bookmarking your Course Library (here), for future use.


How do I reset my password?

In the top menu, once you've logged in, you'll see this icon


Click it, and then click on "Settings"

On this settings page, if you scroll down, you'll see a spot for resetting your password.

Once again, we go over this in the tutorial videos at the top of this page.