Meet James

When I was 17, I found myself in a pretty miserable state. Overweight, playing video games 24/7.

I thought losing weight would magically bring me all the things I wanted... so I focused on that and denied myself foods I used to love. I lost 60 pounds but... nothing really changed.

To my surprise, in terms of self-worth, that’s when I actually hit rock bottom. In those moments, though, we either fall apart or fight back.

I don't know what made it happen, but I guess I had an epiphany and realized (warning, this is going to sound super cliche) it wasn't about the "outside" but what was on the "inside" that needed to change.

Then... guitar found its way into my life.

I was able to teach myself how to play the guitar, even though I was a relatively late learner (or at least I felt that way...)

But within 3 years of starting guitar, I was accepted into music school, and got a degree in music to back up everything I learned on my own.

After becoming a very in-demand in-person guitar teacher, I realized that an online course would be a better way to connect with more students. After doing some research, I found that every course out there was teaching the same thing with the same obsolete methods.

The truth is, each student will fall behind at some point in their learning journey, but never in the exact same spot as others. That’s why I created my method. I took my lessons and broke them down to a level that every person can learn, no matter how much experience they have.

There are too many courses called “Beginner” that fail to build the really essential skills before moving onto something more difficult. And countless "Intermediate" courses that don't really go anywhere. My approach leaves no stone unturned.

I really wants to help people, and I don't want them to keep wasting their time and money on courses that don’t help them...

I remember what it was like as a new guitar player.

I was intimidated, overwhelmed, and confused...

But my love of music was greater than my fear so I kept going.

Over the following months and years, I learned that music is a conversation.

One that needs to be in sync with others. One that needs to flow and be fun.

I started to have compassion for myself for making mistakes. I started to notice that others were learning too, whereas before I thought everybody else seemed like a master and I was the imposter in the room.

Since then, I’ve learned to say “yes” to new experiences that will humble me.

The more open-minded I was, the better I got.

All of this has shaped the way I teach guitar.

I always emphasize getting a good feel for rhythm and I offer many, many “real-time” playalongs so that I can be that person that is playing alongside you.

I can be the guide I was missing out on when I first started learning guitar.

I won’t leave you hanging with inaccurate advice or lofty, too-good-to-be-true claims about becoming a “true musician”.

Instead, I want to teach you the language of music. I want to have that conversation with you.

I want you to show yourself compassion…

I would love to witness your personal growth - no matter how young, old, insecure, happy, or unhappy you currently are.

There is so much to be said.

Will you join the conversation and let yourself be heard?


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