Learn to strum and sing at the same time, be able to create your own patterns for any song, feel the beat and groove like a "natural."

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Are you ready to take your strumming to the next level?


If you want to...

  • Play guitar and sing at the same time
  • Hear a song and figure out the strumming pattern by ear
  • Play and feel any strumming pattern
  • Understand what somebody means when they say things like "8th notes, 16th notes, 12-8 time signature, swing feel"

Strumming Made Simple will help you unlock your rhythm - intuitively - in a way that makes sense to anybody who dreams of effortlessly playing rhythm.

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Learn to hear and feel rhythms and make strumming second nature...


When I teach a brand new student their first lesson, we learn a couple chords and a simple strumming pattern.

Every once in a while - I'd say one out of every 50 new students - they already have a solid sense of rhythm, and everything they play sounds great.

It's like they've been playing guitar for years, but it's only their first lesson.

This got me thinking...

For those other 49 students, why don't we figure out a way to supercharge their rhythm, and get them playing like a natural right away?

It wasn't so simple. Some people have "two left feet" when it comes to rhythm.

I struggled to teach them... but eventually, through that process, breakthroughs began to occur.

I realized that no matter where your rhythm is at now, we can make you a rhythmic person... we can make you hear and feel rhythm like a natural.


So, who is this course for?

  1. People who want to move past the chords and strumming phase that beginners often get stuck in.
  2. Anyone who has taken my flagship course "Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" - You don't even have to complete it - as long as you feel comfortable strumming a handful of chords - you're ready!


How difficult is this course?

  • This course starts at a very basic level (somewhere in the "late beginner" stage, and slowly carries you all the way to the intermediate and advanced stages of rhythm.
  • If you've watched my YouTube lessons, you'll know I have a way of taking even complicated subjects, concepts and topics and breaking them down. In a way that anyone can learn them.


What will I learn in this course?

Chapter 1

  • Learn to hear and "feel" rhythm in a simple, intuitive way
  • Develop essential skills like tapping your foot and counting to music (properly!)
  • Learn some easy, useful patterns that are the "core" for more advanced strumming
  • The difference between strumming with a pick vs your fingers
  • How to stay loose when using a metronome 
  • How to keep the rhythm going, even when the song has a breakdown

Chapter 2

  • Learn the most common strumming pattern
  • How to feel off-beats (syncopation)
  • Getting your upstrokes to feel and sound good
  • The rhythm "roadmap"
  • Tapping your foot with off-beats
  • Articulations to add dynamics to your strumming
  • Adjusting to different tempos (tempi?)
  • How to play "stops"

Chapter 3

  • Learn how to "play what you hear"
  • Vocalize rhythms and patterns
  • Double-length patterns
  • Splitting patterns over multiple chords
  • More dynamics
  • How to anticipate changes in strumming/feel
  • How to play chord shots
  • Using a metronome with an entire song
  • Extracting patterns from a song

Chapter 4

  • Learn how to strum and sing at the same time, using my multi-step method
  • Take the time to break down the mechanics of playing + singing, using real song examples
  • Learn to play muted strokes
  • Learn to play ghost strokes
  • (This chapter seems pretty bare, but it's not... point 1 is an entire routine that takes you through the process from many, many angles...)

Chapter 5

  • Learn to play 16th note patterns + counting 
  • Time signatures explained (4/4 vs 3/4, etc)
  • Compound time signatures explained
  • Learn to read rhythm notation (the most useful "old school" thing, in my opinion)
  • Tap your foot with 16th notes
  • Swing vs Straight feels
  • My essential tips for "holding down the rhythm" in a musical situation
  • The most important metronome exercises for consistent improvement

Here's what you'll get...

  • 52 video tutorials, broken down into bite-size chunks
  • Comprehensive workbook featuring exercises & more
  • Direct access to James through the "GoodGuitarist Community" Private Group

Strumming Made Simple is the culmination of years of teaching, focusing on those students who were "left behind" by other teachers - who instead just showed them more chords, more scales... more stuff that isn't going to sound like music UNLESS you have that sense of rhythm.

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You’re not in it alone - the GoodGuitarist community has your back!


In order to provide you with the personalized feedback that you need to succeed, all my courses include access to the GoodGuitarist private community. You can ask questions there, and I’ll answer them myself. Plus you’ll be able to take part in the discussion with other students and support each other as you grow into confident guitarists.

It’s not only a great way to get feedback and prevent bad habits from forming, but it’s proven to be an incredible source of motivation and inspiration. We’re all in this together, and together we will succeed!

All you need to do is join now, and you will have my full support and we will all be there to make sure you become a good guitarist.


Is this the right course for you?


I want you to see for yourself if this is a good fit.

To help you make this decision, all my courses come with a 30-day no-questions money back guarantee.

I see other people offering 14-day guarantees, or 30-days but with the fine print that you need to actually get through a huge chunk of the course, and then have a conversation with them about why it’s not working.

I know my course works, so I’m going to give you 30 days. You're going to be able to see real results.

And if you feel you didn't get your money's worth, it can be day 1, or day 30… you're welcome to simply email me and say “I want a refund.” You don't have to tell me why, and you're gonna get all your money back.

The reason why I offer this… I'm gonna be completely honest. I have an over 99% satisfaction rate. In fact, oftentimes, when people do return my course, it's not because they don't like it. It's because they want intermediate or advanced content - and they end up trading up for my intermediate and advanced courses.

So if you want to learn guitar with me, there's really no risk involved. It's all on me.

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