Just getting started, or never really made it past the basics? Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All is my flagship course designed to get you strumming with confidence.

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Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All

Designed for people who are just getting started, or who have tried to learn guitar but for whatever reason it just never "clicked." I’ve included EVERYTHING you need to get started, stay motivated, and play songs comfortably and confidently!

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Next Level Acoustic - Intermediate Bundle

Get ALL my Intermediate Acoustic courses for 42% off the listed price. Bundle up and save big! Contains: Strumming Made Simple, Fingerstyle, Barre Chords Made Easy, Music Theory 101

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Strumming Made Simple

Strumming Made Simple is the culmination of years of teaching, focusing on those students who were "left behind" by other teachers - who instead just showed them more chords, more scales... more stuff that isn't going to sound like music UNLESS you have that sense of rhythm. Learn to hear and feel rhythms and make strumming second nature...

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The Complete Lead Guitarist

Make your practice count, develop your musical abilities and the know-how and confidence to “speak the language” of music - and find the deepest joy in playing this wonderful instrument.

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Fingerstyle: Beginner To Advanced

We begin with the fundamentals of fingerstyle. From this solid foundation, we build our fingerpicking skills! You'll learn essential techniques and styles like travis picking, adding embellishments, reading TAB and more!

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Barre Chords Made Easy

Discover the method that can get ANYONE playing barre chords comfortably. We start with the simplest movable shape (literally the first shape I ever learned on guitar) and evolve it into a barre chord. This method focuses on technique over strength. You'll see... if you press it JUST right, barre chords can be quite easy.

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Music Theory 101

In the real world - for everything from learning songs for your own enjoyment, jamming with other musicians, writing songs - people use theory to accomplish actual goals and make music EASIER. I've seen it from both sides, having both a music degree, but also being self-taught and I want to show you the useful stuff that is going to make guitar make sense.

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Guitar Health Kit

I hired a licensed physiotherapist to provide real advice & exercises that'll help keep your hands in tip top shape.

NOTE: This mini-course is included for FREE with Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All. If you've already purchased that course, you will find this in the bonus section near the end.

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