$19.00 USD

Guitar Health Kit

Are guitar teachers qualified to give medical advice?


That's why I hired Emily, a licensed physiotherapist to help you!

Get advice, warmups and exercises that are safe and will ensure that your hands will not be the limitation that stop you from succeeding with your goals on guitar!

DISCLAIMER: If you have pre-existing conditions or if any of the warmups and exercises in this health kit feel uncomfortable when you first try them, please see your doctor as soon as possible.

NOTE: This mini-course is included for free with Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All. If you've already purchased that course, you will find this in the bonus section near the end.

Course contains:

  • Full 40-minute interview with professional physiotherapist
  • Video Tutorial: Warm-ups
  • Video Tutorial: Self-Massage
  • Video Tutorial: Post-practice Exercises
  • PDF Workbook: Step-by-step illustrations for all warmups & exercises