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How to finally get good at guitar in a way that's simple, fun and enjoyable…

So you can play those songs you love with confidence and ease…

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Oh, and, by the way…

Because I know that trying to get good at guitar can have a way of messing with your head, let me set your mind at ease RIGHT NOW…

The method I’m about to introduce you to is guaranteed to work, EVEN IF YOU:

  • Have already tried “everything”, with mixed or even poor results
  • Don’t have a fancy guitar or any cool equipment
  • Have no musical background whatsoever
  • ​Don’t have thousands to spend on private lessons
  • ​Feel like you’re too old
  • ​Have small hands or other limitations
  • ​Don’t think you have any "natural talent"

I guarantee it.

James Testani

Now you’re probably ready to hear about the program.

And I promise that’s coming next.

But first, we have to address the elephant in the room… 🐘

You're probably wondering... "James, how can you make such a bold and brazen guarantee?"

It’s simple – just look at the real results my thousands of students have already achieved…


“I look forward to my evening practice sessions now”

I'm 50 years old and have wanted to play guitar since I was about 12. For many years a guitar simply sat in my closet. Figuring out how to start seemed confusing and intimidating.

Then I found this course. James is amazing. He is incredibly patient and thorough while simultaneously keeping it interesting and fun. I look forward to my evening practice sessions now, thanks very much to James!

If you've ever wanted to play guitar but didn't know where to turn, James and this course are for you!

- George Linge

“My guitar playing has improved immensely in such a short time”

Apart from the clear, simplistic and enjoyable teaching, there was so much more than just a video with "a guy teaching you to play the guitar." The easy step by step approach, articulate and encouraging manner James tutors you...

I was so impressed I bought the strumming course which has meticulously been put together and, in a word, is Brilliant. Sufficed to say with the help from James and his course my guitar playing has improved immensely in such a short time.

- Robert Malone

"Without finding you I don’t think I would be this far along"

I picked the guitar back up after 40 plus years…when the nest emptied. Been playing with you almost two years now. I am surprised how well I can play... without finding you I don’t think I would be this far along. You are an excellent teacher and one of the many blessings in my life. Thanks again!

- Michelle B.

"He connects with you, right where you are"

I really appreciate James' style and the way he connects with you right where you are. He talks in a way that you can hear it, you can you can listen to it, you can receive it. And it makes you want to push into it and do your lesson and actually follow along. So I would encourage anybody that’s thinking about it to give his lessons a try.

- Scott Newcomer

Just Imagine...


You’re meeting up with some old friends you haven’t seen since College…

Everybody’s just kind of hanging out…

As the night wears on, conversations get stale, and people are getting bored…

Suddenly you notice a guitar in the corner. 🎸

So you nonchalantly ask your buddy, “Do you play?”

“Ehhh, I tried for a bit, but never really stuck with it.”

“Mind if I play?” you casually ask.

“Sure, but it’s out of tune–” No sooner does he start to say it than he realizes he’s already too late – you’ve already begun tuning it…

Within seconds you’re done…


The entire room goes quiet.

Everyone’s ears perk up, and all eyes are on you as you calmly and confidently start playing a song everybody recognizes.

This is it – this is your moment – THIS is why you learned guitar in the first place!

You light up with glee as people start singing along… They’re suddenly having a great time again…

You’re getting looks of surprise as they had no idea you could DO THIS!

And the best part is that you kept the party going… That’s right, YOU’RE the life of the party!

(You may not feel like the “life of the party type”, but what can I tell you, when you pick up a guitar with confidence, magic happens.)

After a few more hours of guitar-fueled fun – which feels like just minutes to you because you’re in the zone and having the time of your life – everyone pats you on the back and thanks you for a great time.

They all want to see you again soon.

You feel like a transformation has taken place inside you.

When you finally return home late that night, you are overcome with a feeling of satisfaction you once dreamed of – even if you may at times have wondered if it were really possible.

Well I can tell you it IS possible.

And I want to PROVE it to you.

Get Started Today

“But James, I’ve Tried So Many Things Before… How Is This Different?”


To understand how this program is different from the other stuff you’ve tried, I need to tell you a story about my first teaching gig.

It was at a mom and pop music shop…

Now the owner of that store had a VERY specific regimen he wanted all of the students to follow…

But since I was new, I was totally, blissfully unaware of that fact.

I just showed up each day and taught people how to play their favorite Zeppelin riffs, how to strum and play cool songs, and stuff like that.

Or, from the owner’s perspective, you might say I was doing it the WRONG WAY! 👿

But guess what? It was WORKING.

You should have seen it…

People’s eyes were lighting up! They were having the time of their lives, just like we discussed above.

And, despite being newbies, they were PLAYING guitar and sounding GOOD!

BUT as they left the room, the boss would come in and say…

“I overheard your lesson – you need to teach from the book! - How are they going to track their progress if you don't go through the book?!?” 😱

After a few days of this I quit to start my own teaching practice.

At the time it was a gut-level decision… Something about the owner’s approach just didn’t feel right to me.

But over time I realized that the entire experience led me to 3 “Golden Discoveries” about learning guitar…

And I want to share those with you now because I think you’ll find them incredibly helpful and valuable to your own guitar playing journey – whether you’re:

  • Still brand new to all this
  • Someone who’s been trying for a while, but it's not quite clicking for you yet
  • Or even if you’ve struggled to learn guitar, and feel like you’ve tried everything

Stick with me for just a bit. I think you’re REALLY going to like this.

Golden Discovery #1: More Technical Knowledge Isn't The Answer

This one can be hard for people to accept… Partly because you DO obviously need technique in order to play well.

And I certainly do teach technique to my students.

BUT, technical knowledge is not the end all be all of getting good at guitar, and too much of it can actually hurt rather than help you.

Let me explain.

See I've noticed that, before finding me, most of my students go through a specific cycle…

It often goes something like this…

They learn some techniques, chords, patterns (on YouTube, a teacher, course, etc.)
They gain some technical knowledge, but it isn't quite "clicking" for them.
So, they get frustrated…
And go in search of more stuff to learn - hoping that will help them move the needle…
But even when they learn those additional techniques, they STILL find things aren’t quite clicking.
They repeat this process over and over again... Hoping that eventually, if they collect enough techniques, they’ll finally “get it”!


It’s a wild goose chase…


Because even with all of these techniques under their belt, they never really get much better at guitar.

At this point they start to feel even more frustrated, inadequate, hopeless, and so on…

Because they think that their repeated “failure” to “get it” means they’ve been wasting their time, have no talent, etc.

But what if I told you that none of that was the real problem?

What if I told you that the entire approach of seeking out technique after technique was the REAL problem?

And that in order to finally succeed, they need to break OUT of that cycle.

It’s less about technique (learning more and more and more chords and patterns), and more about FEEL.

…And it’s at this point that a lot of people want to stop me and say…

“But James, everyone knows you can’t teach someone to develop a FEEL for guitar!”

But in my experience, this is a total misconception.

Don’t believe me? Read on to Discovery #2 and I’ll prove it to you…

Golden Discovery #2: The Real Reason Most People Never Develop A Feel For Guitar

Everyone knows you can teach chords and other techniques, but when it comes to a feel for guitar, most people figure, “you either have it, or you don’t”.

But in my experience it is absolutely possible for me to help someone develop a feel or intuition for playing guitar.
The key lies in HOW you are being taught, and how you are learning.

See there is a paradox about the way most people go about this…

Most instructors try to teach guitar “logically” – through lectures, instructions, demonstrations, and so on.

This makes sense because it’s how we learned in school, and so most guitar students go along with it.

However, the issue is that this type of teaching (and learning) does NOT lead to a good FEEL for guitar – because it makes you overthink it, overriding the part of your brain that feels the music.

Music is processed in the INTUITIVE part of your brain. 🧠

Watch this video clip of me playing guitar – and ask yourself, does it look like I am using the logical side of my brain, or the intuitive?


I think it’s obvious it’s the latter. Especially because I was the one doing it and I can confirm I wasn’t thinking about the shapes or patterns and was simply feeling the music. 😀

Now, isn’t that how YOU would like to play guitar too?

Wouldn’t you love to not have to think so much, try so hard, remember so much stuff – but just PLAY, intuitively?

That’s what I teach people how to do.

Again, there will be technique involved, but I will teach you to develop that FEEL that every aspiring guitar player craves – yet precious few instructors know how to teach.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to just pick up a guitar and start playing your favorite songs with ease… Without even thinking about it.

(The funny part is that, once you do, everyone will say “Oh, you have such a good feel for guitar – you must have been born with that!” 😜)

Golden Discovery #3: You Can't Just Rely On Time Spent Practicing. You Need To Know How To Practice.

Before I started learning guitar, I was pretty directionless. I was overweight, watched too much TV, lacked social skills, worked a job I didn’t like, and was generally very unhappy.

I told myself that if I lost the weight, I would be happy.

I exercised and put myself on a strict diet - I lost 50 pounds - but even that didn’t make me feel happy or fulfilled.

Something was missing from my life.

My next door neighbor, and best friend, had already been playing guitar for a few years. I’ll be clear - in just a few years, he went from beginner to phenomenal.

(It helped that he was the son of an excellent musician and knew how to fast-track himself to be one of the best players in town in no time.)

One day he showed me a couple things on guitar and I was immediately hooked.

And when it came to learning, I was so lucky because he was always a phone call away...

He told me exactly what to practice - I'd learn a song or exercise and then he'd tell me what to do next.

He always had the next step ready for me and I was eager to follow his lead.

After just 3 years of playing, I auditioned for a prestigious jazz music school, aced the audition and got in. I ended up getting my degree in Jazz Guitar 4 years later.

Why am I telling this story?

Well, sometimes I meet people who have been playing for 10+ years who, I’ll be frank, still can’t really play the guitar.

I wondered why so many people get stuck in a rut and I came upon a golden discovery...

The fastest way to actually get better is to optimize the way you practice.

I was fortunate to have a great player as my next-door neighbor, and he was fortunate to have a pro musician for a dad... but most people don’t have that.

So most people don’t make it past the beginner stage.

And it’s not their fault...

They are just missing this essential piece.

They’re missing the guidance of someone who has been there and knows the way.

If you know how to practice, you will get better.

I mean, we all have a very human tendency to just work on what we already know. But if we keep just practicing what we already know, how will we learn anything new?

That’s why I embedded practice sessions within my courses. I don’t just show you guitar stuff - I teach you how to play guitar through real exercises in real time.

Let’s continue the passing of the torch. The fact is, you need guidance to get better. Like I said earlier - my rockstar neighbor had his musician dad, I had my neighbor, and now you will have me.


Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All

The premier online course for ANYONE to finally get good at guitar AND have a blast!

REAL students need REAL resources at their level that are going to answer the REAL questions that they have.







"Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" leaves no stone unturned.

We will attack all the most common issues from every angle, so you never feel left behind.

I know that everybody has musical talent inside of them. YES, that means YOU!

While some people are born able to express that talent, most of us need a little help to unlock it…

And it's people like you and I (aka not Mozart) that I want to help most.

Each video is an actual lesson from my studio

I break down every tiny detail so you can easily follow along… and have some fun too!

Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All is a total path to finally getting good at guitar. It's not up to you to figure out what you need to know next -- I’ve got you covered!

(I’m also integrating theory into my lessons without actually telling you about it 😉)

You can work at your own pace, with all the material available as long as you need it.

You might breeze through one lesson, and need a little more time with the next-- and that's totally normal!

It’s also why I’ve included support with myself and my team, ensuring no student gets left on the side of the road.

If you have the desire to play - you are capable of ‘getting good’.

I don’t just want to teach you a few chords... We’ll start there, but ultimately, I want to teach you how to learn chords by yourself.

I want to show you how to get the quickest, strongest results and understand how to learn on your own too.







Your Guitar Teacher

Hey there, I’m James!

I know there’s lots of ways to learn guitar (like... a million different ways!)

Unfortunately, what most of them have in common is that they leave you…

😠 Overthinking

​😤 Frustrated

​😞 And overall just not enjoying yourself

Which is ironic, considering the entire reason we pick up that guitar in the first place, is for joy!

I’ve seen both the students and the teachers of these programs rationalize this contradiction away, by telling themselves “it’s a means to an end”…

They figure that, if they just work hard enough at it for a sustained period of time, THEN the fun part will come… later!

But it usually doesn’t work that way.

Because once you become accustomed to “straining” to learn guitar, it becomes a habit that sticks with you. (If you’re in that camp, don’t worry, my course can help you “unlearn” that habit and do things a better way.)

And even when it does end up working out, you’ve still struggled and strained and suffered throughout the entire learning process, when you didn’t have to… 🤦

…I say, why do that, when you can simply enjoy the entire learning process?

I mean, isn’t it better if you enjoy the whole journey? 💡

It’s more fun and relaxing that way… You feel better…

More confident…

There’s more EASE about you…

It’s just better in every way!

AND as a bonus you’ll be a better guitar player – because the best guitar players are chilled out and having fun… Not straining to switch between chords!

This is the approach I’ve been developing, refining, and perfecting for YEARS…

With thousands and thousands of students…

To give you that comfort, confidence, and EASE that every damn good guitar player has – in spades.

You can have it, too.

I know it from experience.

I don’t care if you’re brand new OR you’ve tried 50 other things already. Chances are you were not being taught the right way, which is the reason things haven’t clicked for you yet.

But in my course we are going to get right past all of that BS – and get straight to the fun stuff.

Right from the start.

Let me share the best of both worlds with you

Some people believe music is best learned in the “real world”, while others are more impressed by a degree.

Personally, I think both can be valuable. Because the truth is, each one offers benefits that the other does not.

Which is why I got both! This way, I could offer my students (read: YOU) the most comprehensive help and training available!

I’ll teach you the stuff I learned from school that actually WORKS!

AND I’ll show you the “real world” material they don’t teach in school!

Like I said – best of both worlds – and it’s all yours when you join this course.

I want you to look back in a few months from now and feel AMAZED at how far you’ve come!


Sign up for Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All and you’ll get:

100+ Videos neatly organized into 6 easy-to-follow modules ($500 VALUE)

  • ☑️  A Complete Breakdown of All The Gear You Need
  • ☑️  Tuning, Maintenance, & Guitar ‘anatomy’
  • ☑️  Warm Ups, Practice Exercises, And Hand Health
  • ☑️  ​Chord Shapes, Patterns, And Progressions
  • ☑️ ​​ Rhythm & Strumming Patterns, And​ Techniques
  • ☑️  ​How To Play The Blues
  • ☑️ ​ And So Much More…

A 60 Page Workbook With All The Visuals, Diagrams, Tabs, and Chord Charts You Need ($80 VALUE)

  • ☑️  Fine-tune the techniques you just learned with all the exercises from the course written out in an easy to understand format
  • ☑️  ​Includes diagrams for the parts of the guitar, proper posture, navigating the fretboard (flash cards), advice on effective practice, and more!

Unlimited Access To All The Material ($240 VALUE)

  • ☑️  No monthly/annual fees - pay once and access it whenever and wherever.
  • ☑️  You’ll also receive all updates to the course (like the awesome blues chapter that I JUST added!)


If you say yes to your dream of playing music TODAY, I’ll celebrate by including these exciting FREE BONUSES!

BONUS #1 - 150+ Downloadable Audio Practice Tracks ($100 VALUE)

  • ☑️  I made these high quality audio tracks so you can practice all the chords, strumming and other techniques, even if you're away from your computer or device

BONUS #2 - A Practice Plan That Outlines The Exact Steps You Need To Take ($50 VALUE)

  • ☑️  This custom practice calendar that I created will show you exactly WHAT and WHEN to practice, so you can maximize your progress, and don't have to think (or worry 😅) about what to do next!

BONUS #3 - Guitar Gear & Maintenance Lesson Pack ($50 VALUE)

  • ☑️  Get help choosing a guitar that can grow with you, learn how to change your strings, the pros and cons of electric vs acoustic guitars, my top picks for essential guitar accessories like a clip-on tuner, and how to use a capo.

BONUS #4 - The GoodGuitarist Health Kit ($150 VALUE)

  • ☑️  Did you know that serious guitar players may develop carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tendonitis, or other hand and wrist issues, if they're not careful?
  • ☑️  ​These can cause permanent damage, result in expensive surgeries and can sideline you from playing guitar for months or even longer.
  • ☑️  I hired a licensed physical therapist to teach you how to maintain proper technique and prevent injury while playing the guitar, in this video series plus workbook. ​(DISCLAIMER: This is for general education purposes only, and not meant as a substitute for seeking the opinion of a professional.)
  • ☑️  This will be added to your portal as soon as it’s released!

Here's EVERYTHING You'll Receive

  • 100+ Complete Video Tutorials - $500 VALUE
  • Comprehensive Workbook - $80 VALUE
  • Unlimited Access - $240 VALUE
  • 150+ Audio Play-along Tracks - $100 VALUE
  • Practice Plan - $50 VALUE
  • Gear & Maintenance Lesson Pack - $50 VALUE
  • GoodGuitarist Health Kit - $150 VALUE


You pay $1,170 ONLY $149!

I’ve included EVERYTHING you need to get started, stay motivated, and play songs comfortably and confidently

Yes, I'm In!


"Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" Student Michael Lamb

Michael learned a few chords from his mom as a child, but struggled without anyone to show him the way-- and gave up!

Now at age 63, he picked his guitar back up to improve and strengthen his brain and cognitive powers into his golden years.

He signed up for my Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All course, and practices every day -- Even though he nearly removed all of his right thumb in an unfortunate construction accident..

And then three years ago, sliced his right index finger to the bone, and cut the nerve to his fingertip.

He continues to improve his playing every day and says he’s enjoying every minute of learning and becoming a “good” guitarist.

“I jump-started my music life to extend my cognitive abilities and discovered a talent I treasure.

My fingertip was numb and I could barely hold a guitar pick… I persevered, and I learned how to do it.. Barring any more damage to my digits, I SHALL continue to learn and make music!"

- Mike Lamb

"Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" Student Chris Robinson

Chris picked up the guitar and it gave him purpose.

After serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, he struggled with PTSD and physical health issues. Learning guitar has given him something positive to focus on to distract from his intrusive thoughts.

Now, playing guitar is the first thing he does in the morning and the last thing at night!

It's also given him another way to connect with faraway family… Every week he joins his brother on Zoom to play some tunes.

“I am halfway through the course and I am loving it so much. Working with James has been fantastic as I needed a structured course and WOW!

I would highly recommend James and his courses over any other one out there. The personal touch and effort he puts into the courses and his students is second to none.”

- Chris Robinson

"Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" Student Sandra Miller

When Sandra was just 12 years old, she received a beautiful guitar for Christmas and was determined to learn how to play it.

Unfortunately, that never happened… Now at age 56, she's back at it!

After her father passed away, she inherited his guitar and had a “wake up call”

He LOVED playing while his daughters were watching. but never had the confidence to learn more…

Now, after joining Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All, she is keeping her promise to herself and her dad, and learning more every day!

“I now have that guitar and have made a promise to myself and my dad that I will LEARN to play!!!”

- Sandra Miller


When you sign up for Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All, you will have on-demand, unlimited access to everything you need to finally get good at guitar, like…

Chapter 1

✓ Tuning, so you’ll never sound “off”​
✓ ​Posture, so you don’t injure yourself​
✓ ​Warm-ups, so you’ll truly be ready to rock
✓ ​​How to properly press and strum the strings
✓ ​Once you finish this module, you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon!

Chapter 2

✓ ​​The easiest chord combinations on guitar so you can play songs, or even write your own songs, right away
✓ ​​​Count music with a steady rhythm
✓ ​​​Troubleshooting methods to ensure your switches are clean & accurate​
✓ ​​​By the end of Chapter 2, you will know how to play 15 songs!

Chapter 3

✓ ​​​​The missing secret ingredient that will finally make you sound like a PRO
✓ ​​​Learn to FEEL the beat, not just count it out​
✓ ​​Go deep, beyond downstrokes and upstrokes, to get to the heart of the rhythm​
✓ ​​​At the end of this chapter, you will be able to play the 5 most useful strumming patterns on guitar

Chapter 4

✓ ​​Switch between the essential chord shapes you need to play practically any song
✓ ​​Learn the RIGHT WAY to switch from one chord to another to minimize ‘finger confusion’
✓ ​​Get chord clarity and make sure every string is working and sounding properly
✓ ​Understand the common ‘chord families’ that are used in almost all of your favorite songs (this is the precursor to playing by ear!)
✓ ​​Organized into useful chord progressions, each one unlocking a giant list of tunes
✓ ​​By the end, you’ll be playing along to songs like Bad Moon Rising, Me and Bobby McGee, Knockin' on Heaven's Door and more!

Chapter 5

✓ ​​See the bigger picture of music and songs
✓ ​​​Read chord charts, guitar tabs, and play with a metronome
✓ ​​​Understand the basics of the musical alphabet and why chord progressions are so common
✓ ​​​After this, you’ll be able to mix different chords effectively, and even create your own tunes

Chapter 6

✓ ​​Play authentic-sounding 12-bar blues (they're going to think you sold your soul to the devil!)
✓ ​​​Develop a “swing” feel and apply it to any strumming pattern used in blues jazz, country & more​
✓ ​​Transform the basic shapes you’ve already learned into bluesy 7th chords
✓ ​​Then you can play in any key to jam the blues along with your favorite songs or even other musicians!


I’m so confident you're going to LOVE the results you get from this course that "Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" comes with a 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

That’s right! If you do the exercises in this course for a month, give it your best shot, and don’t see results, I’ll refund every cent.

That means it’s totally RISK-FREE for you to give it a go...

Simply email me within 30 days of purchase and I'll send your refund right away - no questions asked.


  1.  Click the, “Yes, I'm READY!” button below
  2. Enter your information and payment details on the next page
  3. Submit your payment, then check your email for your login information
  4. Log into Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All on any mobile device, computer, or even a TV that has an internet browser and get ready to...
  5. Finally Learn Guitar, Once And For All!







We all run into roadblocks at one point or another… but never in the same way

I created Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All because I noticed that a lot of the online guitar tutorials weren't geared for the average person -- even if they said they were.

…. And that's not really how it works!

If you’ve never picked up a guitar before, I can get you started fast, to the point where you’ll be able to play through a whole song.

If you’re looking to move past the basics, I can show you the PROCESS that every good guitarist goes through in order to learn more: more chords, more strumming patterns, more songs

… Because learning music is not about the information, it’s the path!

The truth is, you could figure this out on your own.

After all, I did before I studied music in college.

BUT it took me YEARS of frustration ‘figuring it out’ with online videos, downloading tabs, and bugging my friends who played for help just to ‘get’ basics down.

And I promised myself that once I got ‘good’ I would find a way to help other people like you learn in a way that makes sense…

And gets them jamming along in less time with less stress!


With "Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" There's literally NOTHING left for you to ‘figure out’!


That means all you have to do is follow the path I laid out for you...

And in a few short weeks you’ll be wow-ing your friends and family with their favorite tunes!


 Let me show you the exact path I took to go from somebody with ZERO musical ability to playing any request.









I remember what it was like as a new guitar player.

I was intimidated, overwhelmed, and confused...

But my love of music was greater than my fear so I kept going.

Over the following months and years, I learned that music is a conversation.

One that needs to be in sync with others. One that needs to flow and be fun.

I started to have compassion for myself for making mistakes. I started to notice that others were learning too, whereas before I thought everybody else seemed like a master and I was the imposter in the room.

Since then, I’ve learned to say “yes” to new experiences that will humble me.

The more open-minded I was, the better I got.

All of this has shaped the way I teach guitar.

I always emphasize getting a good feel for rhythm and I offer many, many “real-time” playalongs so that I can be that person that is playing alongside you.

I can be the guide I was missing out on when I first started learning guitar.

I won’t leave you hanging with inaccurate advice or lofty, too-good-to-be-true claims about becoming a “true musician”.

Instead, I want to teach you the language of music. I want to have that conversation with you.

I want you to show yourself compassion…

I would love to witness your personal growth - no matter how young, old, insecure, happy, or unhappy you currently are.

There is so much to be said.

Will you join the conversation and let yourself be heard?

I’ve got the map you need…

All you have to do is click right here to join me.

James Testani
Founder of Good Guitarist

But don’t just take my word for it… 

Here’s what REAL STUDENTS just like you have to say
About their RESULTS with "Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All"

The Best Guitar Course

James is totally patient and easy to understand and follow in his guitar course. It’s a comprehensive course and I would recommend it completely.

- Robin Singer

Brilliant calm and intuitive lessons

James has a wonderful calm and relaxing way of teaching. I am an older student and have looked at other instructors but this is by far the best.

- Ian Campbell

Good Guitarist Guitar Course

This is one of the best online guitar classes you can find! I give it a 10 out of 10. James videos on strumming and singing songs provide the simplest and fastest way to learn to play guitar and sing at the same time! His videos illustrate exactly when and how to change chords to go along with singing the song. I consider this method of instruction superior to many guitar classes I’ve taken with a live instructor.

- John Buky

Thank you James

At 65, it’s so much easier to fall off the track - I guess much more so if I started out when I was younger. I’ll be sticking with James because I believe he will help me get back on track. James you are the BEST by far.

- Robert Hutton

A great experience

As a very raw beginner to guitar, and a "senior" at that, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The course has been well designed for beginners at any age, and James presents and teaches in a way that is easy to pick up on. A feature I have used is one that allows you to go back and re-do a certain day, for instance maybe lesson 5, for re-enforcement. And, yes, when all was said and done, I did learn to play Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. I am making great progress. I love the work James has done in putting this together. I give "GoodGuitarist" 5 stars for sure. Thanks James.

- Matt Bass

Best Guitar Course

Easy to follow step by step. Just what a beginner needs. No pressure and you will see results.

- Jennifer Manning

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