"Barre chords" are movable shapes, used to play chords anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. But learning them is not so simple: strength, technique, positioning... there are many roadblocks that prevent guitarists from learning this essential skill.

I have developed a simple path that will take you from "basic chords" to "barre chords."

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Are you ready to go beyond the basic chord shapes?


If you want to...

  • Play chords further up the neck
  • Print your favorite song out and play the whole thing no matter what chord symbols you see
  • Not have to rely on cheater chords (that's don't really sound right, anyways)
  • Play rhythm in any key

Barre Chords Made Easy will help you go from "basic shapes" to "playing any chord in any key" in a simple step-by-step way that meets you where you're already at.

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Discover the method that can get ANYONE playing barre chords comfortably


Barre chords are the next logical step for people who want to move past the basics and be able to play any chord in any key.

The open chords (aka campfire chords) are still useful, but you'll hit a point where you'll be learning one of your favorite songs and come across "Bm" or "C#m".

And while there are some "cheater chords" that might work - they don't really sound the same 😕

You've probably already discovered this for yourself, and maybe tried to learn barre chords, but...

They're hard! And many guitarists are discouraged.

You've spent all this time and effort getting your chords and strumming together and now it feels like you're back at the beginning with these impossible shapes!


Even if you...

  • Think your hands are too weak or slow
  • Have a hard time pressing the right strings
  • Get lost when you go higher than the third fret

I want to prove to you that barre chords can be made easy - if you approach it the right way...


This course is unlike any other because... here's what it does not do.

  • It does not force you to memorize a whole bunch of shapes
  • It does not rely on you to make a huge jump in skill
  • It does not make you do a bunch of strength training exercises


Many teachers (falsely) believe that barre chords require you to build strength. I know from personal experience that pressing in the exact right spots is better than pressing as hard as you can.




If you build the proper technique, you won't need much strength. If you can grip a campfire chord, you already have the power to play a barre chord.

In this 5-step system, we start with the power chord, one of the simplest and easiest shapes on guitar.

From there, we build the technique through engaging exercises (where you actually learn songs you recognize) and before you know it, you'll be playing that pesky C#m or Bm chord like nobody's business!


So, who is this course for?

  1. People who want to move past the chords and strumming phase that beginners often get stuck in.
  2. Anyone who has taken my flagship course "Learn Guitar Once-And-For-All" - You don't even have to complete it - as long as you feel comfortable strumming a handful of chords - you're ready!


How difficult is this course?

  • I would consider this course "late beginner" or the bridge into intermediate territory.
  • If you've watched my YouTube lessons, you'll know I have a way of taking even complicated subjects, concepts and topics and breaking them down. In a way that anyone can learn them.
  • The whole point is to start with a simple shape (the power chord) that I literally learned on my first day of playing guitar - and we evolve it into a barre chord, 1 exercise and song at a time.


What will I learn in this course?

Chapter 1

It all starts with the power chord. It's a very easy-to-play, movable shape that makes up the "bottom half" of the full barre chord. We use it to start making music right away, build our technique and develop knowledge of the fretboard.

Chapter 2

By adding one more finger to our power chord shape, we get what many call, "the 90's shape." Using it, we navigate the E and A strings, and learn how to balance our fretting hand in order to maximize leverage instead of wasting strength.

Chapter 3

Time to reap the fruits of our labor and start playing barre chords! Using the "most useful barre shape" we hone our technique. I also show you a system for quickly recalling the correct shape and position to play any major or minor chord.

Chapter 4

We learn the other common barre shapes and further enhance our knowledge of the fretboard. With so many combinations and places to play each shape, we discuss an easy way to keep track of it all, so you can use the right chord shape when you need it.

Chapter 5

We use barre chords to do stuff we couldn't before - intermediate and advanced concepts discussed in simple ways: triads, embellishments, quick switches, chord scales and more.

Here's what you'll get...

  • 56 clear & concise video tutorials
  • Workbook with all the exercises
  • Song recommendations for every level
  • Direct access to James through the "GoodGuitarist Community" Private Group
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You’re not in it alone - the GoodGuitarist community has your back!


In order to provide you with the personalized feedback that you need to succeed, all my courses include access to the GoodGuitarist private community. You can ask questions there, and I’ll answer them myself. Plus you’ll be able to take part in the discussion with other students and support each other as you grow into confident guitarists.

It’s not only a great way to get feedback and prevent bad habits from forming, but it’s proven to be an incredible source of motivation and inspiration. We’re all in this together, and together we will succeed!

All you need to do is join now, and you will have my full support and we will all be there to make sure you become a good guitarist.


Is this the right course for you?


I want you to see for yourself if this is a good fit.

To help you make this decision, all my courses come with a 30-day no-questions money back guarantee.

I see other people offering 14-day guarantees, or 30-days but with the fine print that you need to actually get through a huge chunk of the course, and then have a conversation with them about why it’s not working.

I know my course works, so I’m going to give you 30 days. You're going to be able to see real results.

And if you feel you didn't get your money's worth, it can be day 1, or day 30… you're welcome to simply email me and say “I want a refund.” You don't have to tell me why, and you're gonna get all your money back.

The reason why I offer this… I'm gonna be completely honest. I have an over 99% satisfaction rate. In fact, oftentimes, when people do return my course, it's not because they don't like it. It's because they want intermediate or advanced content - and they end up trading up for my intermediate and advanced courses.

So if you want to learn guitar with me, there's really no risk involved. It's all on me.

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