$129.00 USD

Strumming Made Simple

Learn to hear and feel rhythms and make strumming second nature...

When I teach a brand new student their first lesson, we learn a couple chords and a simple strumming pattern.

Every once in a while - I'd say one out of every 50 new students - they already have a solid sense of rhythm, and everything they play sounds great.

It's like they've been playing guitar for years, but it's only their first lesson.

This got me thinking...

For those other 49 students, why don't we figure out a way to supercharge their rhythm, and get them playing like a natural right away?

It wasn't so simple. Some people have "two left feet" when it comes to rhythm.

I struggled to teach them... but eventually, through that process, breakthroughs began to occur.

I realized that no matter where your rhythm is at now, we can make you a rhythmic person... we can make you hear and feel rhythm like a natural.

Strumming Made Simple is the culmination of years of teaching, focusing on those students who were "left behind" by other teachers - who instead just showed them more chords, more scales... more stuff that isn't going to sound like music UNLESS you have that sense of rhythm.

What you'll get:

  • 52 video tutorials, broken down into bite-size chunks
  • Comprehensive workbook featuring exercises & more
  • Learn to strum & sing at the same time
  • Learn to "copy" rhythms by ear
  • Learn "musical events" like breakdowns, stops, chord shots
  • Learn to stay loose and feel good while playing guitar
  • Learn to tap your foot & use a metronome
  • Learn 8th note, 16th note & other strumming patterns
  • Learn about time signatures in a no-nonsense way

An entire year's worth of tried, tested & true guitar lessons for the price of 3 in person lessons.

PLUS, you'll get FREE access to the GoodGuitarist Community Group. Ask me questions directly, and get motivation & support from your fellow course-mates. I will make sure you have everything you need to succeed!