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Music Theory 101

So many people think learning music theory is a daunting task…but it’s actually quite simple.

Only 6 months after first picking up a guitar, when I was just a young adult, I went to a piano teacher and asked if she could teach me theory.

She warned me how difficult it would be. That it might discourage me and make music less fun.

So I went home and looked it up myself.

And it seemed so simple. I was confused as to why she would say it was complicated.

I went back to the piano teacher and signed up for "theory lessons" and went through all the books, starting with the most basic stuff. I completed all the theory books in record time and it all seemed pretty logical to me...

Why did everyone act like it was so hard?

I think it's because music schools try to teach theoretical concepts to children at a young age - and it IS hard at that age. And because of that, music theory gets a bad reputation. I was able to learn it with my adult brain, and I found it was much simpler than I was told it was going to be.

This was confirmed when I started playing gigs...

In the real world - everything from learning songs for your own enjoyment, jamming with other musicians, writing songs - people use theory to accomplish actual goals and make music EASIER.

That's what I want to show you in this course. I've seen it from both sides, having both a music degree, but also being self-taught.

And I want to show you the useful stuff that is going to make guitar easier.

What you'll get:

  • 28 rich & detailed lessons with visualizations and animations to help you SEE how simple it can be
  • Comprehensive workbook with worksheets, diagrams and more
  • Learn about keys
  • Learn how to play scales
  • Learn to build chords (and what all that "9th" stuff means)
  • Using theory for songwriting
  • The musical staff
  • The circle of 5ths
  • A bunch of real-world tricks I learned to quickly calculate music theory in your head

PLUS, you'll get FREE access to the GoodGuitarist Community Group. Ask me questions directly, and get motivation & support from your fellow course-mates. I will make sure you have everything you need to succeed!